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We can define coworking as a working, collaborative and informal style, which involves sharing a work environment, often an office. Unlike what happens in a traditional work environment, coworkers do not belong to the same organization and / or retain independent activity. Coworking attracts freelancers who work at home, interested in the synergy that can occur by coming into contact with talented people, also to counteract a sort of isolation that is experienced by working only long in one’s own home.

The Concern of Physical Scape

Coworking therefore does not only concern physical space but is strongly linked to the creation of coworker communities that share values, work style and open source tools. It means the possibility of sharing know-how, of networking and of putting into circulation best practices for the optimization of resources and the sustainability of innovation. If you are in search for shared desk space near you in Sydney then sure

Creativity, the ability to collaborate, the intelligent use of new technologies, a high level of professional competence are therefore the strengths that are accompanying the expansion of this set of micro businesses and professionals.

  • Other related terms are “sharing”, sharing in the strict sense, “swapping” that is bartering, the exchange of goods, “crowding, from the English” crowd “crowd, which is the practice where more people come together to create a service or a product, through creative ideas in case of crowdsourcing or through economic resources in case of crowdfunding.

Coworking happens to be a work styles that involves the use of a shared work environment, sometimes an office, in which activities are carried out that are not linked to each other. Unlike the classic office, those who use coworking are not employees of the same company. However, the share of employees who use the coworking formula is constantly increasing, reaching today about 20% of the total, while in the USA it is now 35%. In practice it is a meeting place for a group of people who work independently but share some values ​​and are interested in the synergies that can be created in sharing work spaces with talented people.

The Spaces

Some of these spaces were created by nomad web entrepreneurs who were looking for alternatives to work in bars and coffee shops or to the isolation of self-employment from home. A 2007 study found that many employees were concerned about the isolation and loss of human contact they would face if they had to telework. And about a third of the public and private sector workers stated that they didn’t want to do work from home. Coworking offers a solution to the problem of isolation experienced by many freelancers when working from home, also allowing them to avoid the distractions that occur in a home environment.

The best Concept

The concept of coworking does not refer only to the physical space that makes it possible but, at least at the beginning and above all, the creation of a coworking community. The benefits of coworking can be experienced even without the presence of a physical space and it gets recommended for starting by building the coworking communities first and only then to consider opening a dedicated space. However some coworking spaces do not bother to build a community, but simply attract an already existing one by joining an event to attract the target group.

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