CryptoEmotions decoded how the future look likes for the crypto market

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In this article, the CryptoEmotions have tried to decode that what the future of cryptocurrency looks like.

Future picture of cryptocurrencies

There is an optimistic attitude towards cryptocurrencies because, despite the COVID pandemic and all of the economic chaos we’ve experienced this year, Bitcoin’s mid-November 2020 run has surpassed all expectations, and the cryptocurrency is approaching its all-time high. Since December of last year, Bitcoin has more than doubled its value, and some believe this is just the beginning of a long bullish run.
But there are many reports suggesting that there is a risk factor in this bullish run and it may take a reverse turn soon just like 2017.

Yes, there is a risk factor and will always have one same as the stock market or any other kind of investment sector. But that doesn’t mean that it is following the same pattern as in 2017 and the market will soon crash. Because there are many solid reasons behind this bullish rally.

Big institutions like Elon Musk, Goldman Sachs, etc are not only are they supporting it by letting others buy it, they are buying it themselves. Big firms like Square and Galaxy Digital Holdings are actually stockpiling millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin. This is potentially good news, as it means that Bitcoin holders this rally might be less tempted to sell since institutional investments are usually not bought with the intention of making a quick profit. Though many are proceeding with caution, there’s a lot of optimism surrounding the future of cryptocurrency in the new year and beyond. That being said, there are some risks to consider.

One of the major risks of Bitcoin is that it remains incredibly volatile. It can shoot up over a short period and shoot down in a matter of weeks, days, or even hours.

However, the recent influx of institutional interest, as well as companies like PayPal making buying Bitcoin more accessible to people all over the world, means that cryptocurrency is becoming a more certain fixture in our financial future.

With this news and reasons, we predict the future of cryptocurrency as a bright one. Being updated is the most important thing in this world and for that, you can visit Crypto Emotions.

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