seventh Grade Math Done Affordably: What You Ought To Learn About Number Sense

Want all of the seventh Grade number sense key concepts for that common core condition standards?

Within this publish, you’ll find all of the important concepts for understanding seventh-grade number sense.


Additive inverses are opposite figures having a amount of zero. 2   -2 =


Adding two positives produces a better sum.

Adding two negatives produces a more negative sum. -2  -2 = 4

Adding two integers with various signs the sum may have the manifestation of the amount using the largest absolute value. -2  3 =1 and a pair of  -3 =-1

Should you add x, to some value, you might move a distance x within the negative or positive direction, based on x’s sign.


When subtracting an adverse, the need for the initial number increases.

When subtracting an optimistic the need for the initial number decreases.

Take away rational figures exactly the same way as integers.

To obtain the distance between two figures discover the absolute worth of their difference.


Multiplying two figures of the identical sign produces a positive product.

Multiplying two figures with various signs produces a negative product.

Division may be the inverse operation of multiplication thus exactly the same rule applies.

Figures of the identical sign possess a positive quotient. Figures of various signs possess a negative.


Some figures is closed under a surgical procedure when it makes sense several for the reason that set. For instance, some whole figures (1,2,3… ) is closed under addition because the sum of the any two whole figures produces a whole number.

Some whole figures isn’t closed regarding subtraction since the distinction between two whole figures may lead to an adverse.

Integers are closed under all operations except division. The quotient for 2 integers (p/q) is a rational number as lengthy like a non-zero denominator exists.

When the negative sign is outdoors the fraction, the fraction is negative. -(p/q)

When the negative sign is within either the numerator or denominator, the quotient from the fraction is going to be negative.

If both numerator and denominator are negative, the quotient is going to be positive, and so the fraction is positive.


Commutative and associative qualities don’t have to do with subtraction.

Altering an order of the addition expression won’t alter the sum.

Altering an order of the multiplication expression doesn’t alter the product.

The affiliate property enables us to strategically group figures (by altering parentheses place) when adding.

Convert a rational number to some decimal using lengthy division. An irrational number neither terminates nor repeats. A rational number either terminates or repeats.


The mean or average is really a way of measuring its center. Calculate the mean by finding the sum of the all values, then dividing by the amount of values within the data set.

An order of operations is parenthesis, exponents, multiplication and division, addition and subtraction.

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