The real rummy game can actually help you in understanding business skills

There’s a new business model on the market every hour of every day. The entrepreneurial scene is blowing up and the competition to stay relevant is real. Now would be a great time to know how to understand your business better.

Playing rummy regularly ends up honing your business sense and business skills as well. Consistent players of rummy have attested to the fact that the game has helped them improve a number of their cognitive skills. Real Rummy requires a lot of observation, planning, strategizing, and knowledge about how to handle all that money made. Not so surprisingly, these skills are what make any business grow and flourish.

How rummy skills double up as business skills

Rummy can be so much more than just a fun, little game. The skills you require to win in a game with your friends or strangers will eventually help you in expanding your business. Here’s how.

  • Playing by the rules

When getting started with rummy, you learn that this card game is all about the rules. You can’t win if you don’t make a minimum of one pure sequence with your hand. The suits of your cards in a sequence must be similar. It can’t be a 5 of hearts, followed by a 6 of diamonds and then, a 7 of spades. It’s important that you set your foundation right by knowing all the rules first. Only then can you have a chance to win. Similarly, there are certain rules in any business which cannot be messed with. You, as an entrepreneur will need to know how things in the market work, and how they can help you get what and where you want.

  • Having a keen eye and a sense of intuition

When playing rummy becomes a habit, you will start being more and more observant of everything that goes on in the game. You become mindful of your opponent’s strategies, you start learning how a certain player likes to think, or maybe, you start predicting how a certain player would invest, or when somebody would drop from a game. These observatory skills, when extended beyond a gaming scenario, end up being a necessary life skill. You start noticing hidden flaws in your business approach, or you start developing a sense of intuition when it comes to making those big decisions and taking risks.

  • Handling money

Be it in a game of cash rummy, or in a real-life business empire, money plays a keen role. In a game of rummy, you need to be mindful of how much money you are making and losing, based on your performances. You should know when to drop from a game, and when to carry on. Similarly, in business, your end goal is making as much profit as possible. The skill of handling and investing money in rummy will take you far when it comes to investing in real life.


As you can see, so much of what happens in a game of rummy translates into what goes on in a business. When you start playing rummy more and more, you start training your brain to apply the skills you learn in a game, to your actual business endeavors.

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