10 reasons to start trampolining

Who would have thought that this jumpy invention of mankind would come, see and conquer the world?! Well, trampolines have managed to do exactly that. In this era where technology and crazy work schedules have taken over one’s time, it doesn’t leave one with much space for any outdoor activities or exercise. The perilous technology frenzy hasn’t even spared the tender minds of kids. This not only makes one listless but also adversely affects their mental and physical well-being.  However, on the brighter side, trampolines have by and large invaded into the lives of numerous people and have given them that required the kick to shun that smartphone and go out to have some fun.

This rebounding paradise will literally get your family jumping into the air for joy. An excellent way to get your kids off of those deleterious screens, trampolines can also be the key to your great health by losing those extra kilos, getting your killer abs and gaining flexibility like that of a ballerina dancer! As unbelievable as it sounds, the trampoline can give you all that and much more from just a thirty minutes jump on that bouncy heaven, like one from your childhood play dates!

If you’re still not convinced about including a trampoline in your lifestyle, read on to know the myriad of health benefits it can provide without even having to hit that gym at an uncanny hour or following that atrocious diet.

A fun way to lose that stubborn weight

Studies have shown that trampolining is 68{cd290485d77e2c7ad2af2f6a1934c4408e93da9a597aae11ec02414e146e2141} more effective in burning calories as opposed to jogging. 15 minutes of sweating it out on the trampoline burn considerable calories and help weight loss and maintenance. It is a fun way to get back in shape sans the serious and strict workout schedules which are not only monotonous but also pretty extravagant.

Say hello to a happy and healthy heart

In this age where every single person is bogged down by stress, anxiety, not to mention a sedentary lifestyle leading to cardiovascular problems, trampolines can be a welcome change to your lifestyle. Rebounding exercises on a trampoline can increase your pulse rate, improve blood flow to your heart thereby pumping more oxygen throughout your body more effectively. Similar to jogging, walking, or cycling, trampolining is a great aerobic cardio exercise that decreases the blood pressure and heart rate while strengthening the lungs.

Strengthen your muscles

Bouncing 15 minutes daily on the trampoline is known to increase the strength of the core muscles. It works effectively on the leg muscles as they contract to push you up into the air. Not just the leg muscles, trampolines engages your core muscles as well and therefore is a great way to tone your entire body when done in the right manner.

Get stronger bones

Bouncing on trampoline increases the bone density thereby helping in the prevention of conditions such as osteoporosis. Trampolining forces your body to resist gravity stimulating your body cells to build new bone. Rebounding exercises increase flexibility and also strengthens the tendons, joints, and ligaments besides the muscles.

Go easy on your joints

Jumping on a high impact yet soft bounce trampoline will provide you with the daily dose of fun and exercise while being on your joints at the same time. It is known to relieve you of your neck, back or knee problems with regular use and restore your soft tissue or joint injuries. Trampolines absorb almost about 80{cd290485d77e2c7ad2af2f6a1934c4408e93da9a597aae11ec02414e146e2141} impact from your bounce thereby keeping away any unwanted joint injuries.

Boosts your body defense

The lymphatic system is responsible for defending the body against various infections. The lymphatic fluid in your body moves up and down along with you while you’re bouncing on that trampoline. 10 minutes of trampolining causes improved circulation of the fluid which flushes all the toxins out of your body, reinforcing your immunity.

A fun stress buster

Stress has unfortunately become part and parcel of every person’s life in this modern age. A great way to alleviate that anxiety and restlessness is by letting yourself loose on a trampoline. Bouncing up and down in the air and reliving your childhood memories can uplift your mood in a jiffy, reduce stress and rejuvenate your mental health. It is also a sure cure for insomnia.

Get your kids outdoor

With the advent of technology, physical outdoor activities have taken a backseat for young and old alike. Kids are becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones, social media or video games. The jumping castle can be a fun way to get your child outdoors and engage in healthy fun filled exercise. It not only gives them a good time but also positively impacts their mental and physical health.

Balance it out

Trampolines are an excellent device to improve balance and coordination for people of all ages. While your child focuses on his next landing position, he is not just learning to balance himself but also developing his motor skills. This will, in turn, be useful in honing his skill in reading, learning, and other daily activities. Not only kids, but trampolining also stimulates the joint stability of adults improving their stability and combating the decreasing motor skills with advancing age.

Fight your cellulite

While it is extremely difficult to get rid of one’s body cellulite completely, jumping regularly on a trampoline can burn fat and build muscles thus removing the lumpy and bumpy cellulite that often disturbs the fitness and beauty conscious population.
The benefits of the trampoline are never-ending. So research carefully on the different varieties available in the market including, zupapa vs. skywalker trampoline and invest on the best one that is there.

Wait no more. Jump into shape or have some great fun on this bouncing paradise, starting today!

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