5 types of men every woman wants

1. The bad boy

Category Number One: women prefer Bad Boys; it’s well known! An air sure of him, distant and vaguely disturbing. Such is the recipe of this type of men. Everyone can decide to look like today. It’s up to you to adopt the trendy leather, the raw denim, the advantageous t-shirt and especially the famous 3-day beard! If also, this equipment doubles as a soft shoulder and finally reliable, it’s won!

2. The shy

Because it touches the chord immediately, the shy is in a good position in the hearts of women! It makes them crack with his air of little boy at fault; his shirt collar half returned/half out. And beyond the blushes: his eyes full of seduction, his virile hands. In a few words, once tenderness has sprung up in the spirit of your conquest, she knows how to flush out the qualities you think are extinguished by your shyness, you great seducer who does not know it.

3. The gentleman

Mid-dandy half-big brother, the Gentleman is a hit! It is elegance made man doubled of a side chivalrous appreciable. Close to him everything at so much more pace, magic even a trip to the supermarket becomes romantic!

Want to try the Gentleman’s card? Suggest to the elected of your heart to share a “corner of the umbrella” unexpectedly! Do not forget for the occasion a few drops of perfume and on the way to “a little corner of paradise.”

4. The adventurer

extreme man

With him, it is the nature that speaks, the elements, the adversity. It can be a traveler in the long course, always leaving for some exotic places! Or, more accessible to everyone: tamer asphalt by practicing the bike or just Running. Do you have sneakers at the bottom of a bag at home? So, here we go, on the way to the adventure sentimental!

5. The intellectual

Last of our top five, but not the least captivating, the Intellectual pleases the women for the spirit of emulation that develops its meeting. It is thus necessary that Madam has a somewhat improved competition side, a hunter spirit! What more exciting idea than to take in his lasso a follower of the right words, a well of science or a writer not so cursed finally? All art will then rise in the battle. “Go, I do not hate you,” said Chimene to Rodrigue. It makes you want? Start by answering a few quotes.

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