Why Business Surveillance Cameras Are The Best for Business?

The next time you will be visiting your favorite local store, take time and look around. More specifically, take time and look up; you will notice dozens of business surveillance cameras hidden in various places- in multiple corners, store windows, doors and other areas.

This scenario depicts the increasing business surveillance techniques that business owners are using to safeguard their business assets and monitor business operations. The global market for business surveillance cameras is projected to hit the $30 billion mark by 2020. The increase in sales is primarily driven by the surging demand from various businesses across the world.

Improved Technology

Businesses are leveraging on improved technology to streamline their operations and enhance productivity. The business surveillance cameras are renowned for their ease of installation and convenient viewing options. Business owners are also using surveillance cameras for employee monitoring to improve customer satisfaction, enhance employee performance and to improve productivity.

Today, the business surveillance cameras are being used almost for everything from data security to measuring efficiency and enforcing compliance with various laws and regulations. The growth in business surveillance systems is not surprising owing to the ever-evolving business environment. Business owners justify the use of business surveillance cameras on the need to protect the business from unwanted actions that may be carried out over the employees’ network.

Safety and Security Solutions

Business surveillance systems represent a vital aspect of the safety and security plans of enterprises all over the world. Apart from the cameras, the video surveillance system is also experiencing significant growth driven by the need to monitor people, business assets, and critical business infrastructure against the backdrop of ever-increasing safety and security concerns.

The fundamental market dynamics of the business surveillance cameras and video surveillance come from the convergence of physical security and information technology which has led to massive installations of these cameras in business premises. The primary focus is now shifting to image quality and video retention times and the ever growing need for efficient and reliable storage solutions.

Privacy vs. Protection

Despite the numerous benefits that business surveillance cameras offer business owners, balancing between privacy and protection remains the biggest challenge. Most business owners argue that surveillance cameras not only protect the business assets but also protect their employees both directly and indirectly. Cameras which have been set up in areas such as the parking lot and outside the business premises record any criminal activities and ensure that employees are always safe.These systems can also record any instances of employee harassment or abuse which can be presented as evidence against the accused parties in a court of law.

However, employees argue that installing business video surveillance systems is against their right to privacy since they are always monitored. Some states have come up with laws that limit the use of surveillance systems and it’s against the law to install cameras in places where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy such as the toilets. Some employees also feel that the installations of surveillance systems portray mistrust which may impact negatively on their performance.

Despite the controversies that surround the use of business surveillance systems, key market dynamics are pointing to a continued increase in the use of business surveillance systems to safeguard the business environment.

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