Choose Yamaco limited as IT solution provider

Is there a way to increase the number of employees without upgrading a company building? YAMACO LIMITED thinks that this is perfectly doable. The company, which operates in the SEO and software development industries, started to work with one of the largest outstaffing companies thanks to a million-dollar agreement, signed on 18.11.2017.

This agreement means that YAMACO can access a software development team of hundreds at any time. In this way, the industry’s most professional staff can be used by YAMACO for specialized projects such as CRM-SCP-ERP applications and database development.

YAMACO CEO, Alex Newman, says that through this agreement, the company will use its resources efficiently and invest in employees rather than buildings, and will significantly increase the quality and speed of service. Moreover, it won’t be necessary to deal with time-consuming tasks such as relocating.

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