Did You Know? Physical Injuries Can Affect Your Mental Health

Physical injuries can happen to anyone – athletes, sports lovers, and even those who are never interested in sports. In addition to the financial impact and discomfort associated with physical injuries, there is a possibility of the patient getting affected mentally. And if you firmly believe that someone was responsible for your injuries as it is the case with reckless drivers, talk to a car accident lawyer in Tacoma for legal counsel.

Physical injuries and Mental Health

After an injury, according to medical experts, people feel depressed, nervous, fearful, frustrated, and sad. It could be a grief process because even if these feelings are temporary, there is loss involved. Sometimes, a severely injured person could feel out of control. And this is a challenging situation for anyone to cope with.

Sustaining mild or severe injuries could be particularly challenging for millennials, who take pride in feeling independent and autonomous. After all, those injuries make them feel vulnerable. They have become used to handling issues on their own that seeking help from other people is getting misconstrued with becoming weak.

According to Dr.Roche, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, some people are likely to feel bad about the fact that getting injured is causing them stress and sadness. Such individuals feel that they can get over the health issues on their own, and when they can’t, there is a good chance they will feel frustrated. Even when they talk to a medical expert or a psychologist, most patients still have the sense of ‘this issue shouldn’t be bothering me.’

Expert’s Opinion

The reality is that regardless of how funny or insignificant you make your physical injuries sound, it is important to seek professional help if the whole issue is wearing on you. Dr. Roche firmly believes that a therapist can help validate your feelings that the entire recovery period and process are frustrating and hard. Besides, being in a position to reflect that is going to be powerful and helpful. It can help you develop a sense of being in control over your situation.

A significant part of therapy revolves around managing daily stress. For instance, it helps the patient figure out how they can commute to and from work as well as who will help them walk up and down the stairs whenever necessary. Generally, breaking up this stress management and healing process into smaller milestones can help make a long recovery process manageable. This is what you (the victim of a physical injury), need to ensure that the injuries don’t affect your mental health.

Sure, everyone is different and some people might take longer to recover from physical injuries for many reasons. During the physical therapy process, many people feel frustrated as their bodies don’t feel as they did before. Besides, dealing with pain can be challenging for some people. The thing is, physical injuries have a negative impact on your mental health. Therefore, it’s best to seek a professional’s help if you’re battling with mild or severe physical injury.

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