Do you know why an outstanding student in class 10 takes a back seat while scoring in class 12?

The level of difficulty associated with CBSE class 10 is incomparable with CBSE class 11 and 12th studies and syllabus. As soon as student enter CBSE class 11 it’s natural for him/her to feel the huge difference in understanding the concepts and matching the toughness of the syllabus. Since class 11 and 12 are considered to be the crucial phase of students career, unnecessary pressure is embedded into students to score high. Students studying under CBSE board are advised to give more importance to class 11 subjects since it is considered as the basement of class 12 board and other competitive examinations.

Especially students who have chosen science stream will face extreme toughness while studying CBSE class 11 since subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology are to be studied in deep with more efficiency. Each subject requires detailed understanding and concept-based learning. Time management plays an important role in studying and preparing for exams. CBSE class 11 concepts and knowledge has more importance since some part of the chapter and portions are continued in class 12 too.

Exams like JEE, AIIMS, AIEEE, and CET of various states demand the knowledge of CBSE class 11and contain questions from class 11. Especially subjects like mathematics which includes subjects like integration, differentiation, differential equations, geometry, and matrices are continued in class 12 and are the most important concepts to be studied for all exams. Hence give more preference to class 11 portions and study well. From day 1 focus on every subject and give impetus to the subject which you feel tough.

How to prepare for class 11 examinations

  • Try not to skip any classes.
  • Clear your doubts the same day.
  • Always revise the concepts and chapters as a part of your regular studying a habit.
  • Make a study timetable and allot more time to the subjects which you find tough. Stick to this study schedule strictly because this is your personal timetable.
  • Generate interest in the subjects by actively participating in the classes.
  • Give equal preference to practicals too.
  • Mathematics is a subject that requires more practice for a better score.
  • Make your own key points notes as it is handy to revise.
  • Learn the diagram and process with more concentration.

Aim for a good score in CBSE class 11 and do well in examinations.

Your CBSE class 11 knowledge will reflect on your score and ranking in CBSE class 12 boards and competitive examinations.

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