Embroidered vs Woven Patch

There are three most famous types of Custom Patches and those are embroidered, dye and woven. Among these three only embroidered and the woven patch has gained more popularity because of the traditional look that it provides, unlike the dye patches. The difference between the embroidered patches and the woven patches are stated below.

  • Substrate: Every patch will come with a coloured or white backing and this is known as the traditional substrate which is used in the embroidered patches. All the threads that are used for embroidered patches are used with a substrate for creating the classic thickness. Woven patches do not use any substrate and all that threads are weaved together in order to get a polished and fine product. Because of this technique, the woven patch is much thinner and more flexible than any other patch.
  • Threads: Embroidered and woven patches use thread for its manufacturing, but the thread that is used is slightly different. Embroidered patches offer unique depth and that is why it uses a thread of thicker style. Whereas the woven patches are used for creating the smoothest look and which is why they use the thread. Both of these styles are quite durable and it is very easy to boldly colour them. Each of them has their own traditional look.
  • Details: Depending on the type of detail that you are looking for in the artwork the choice will vary. If you want the patch to contain finer details, then you won’t be able to get the desired result by using the embroidered patches which use thick threads. In such cases, the woven patch would be an ideal choice because there is no substrate and hence it can easily achieve the finer features. If you are opting for the artworks that contain letters, characters or numbers, then you should opt for the woven patch.

Both of them are attractive and which is why if you don’t have any specific requirements, then you can choose it depending on your budget. Most of the people use woven patches for a smoother look, but if you want the traditional look, then you can definitely go for the embroidered ones.

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