Here’s What To Do When You Have A Slippery Leather Steering Wheel

If you’re the type of driver who’s always on the go, it’s a big help to have a steering wheel with a tight grip. Apart from fostering efficient driving, it can help you ultimately avoid accidents and other road mishaps. But what if you’ve got a slippery leather steering wheel? Will using Mercedes driving gloves be enough? How can you get into the root of your concern? Read on to know what do you when you’re stuck in this situation.

The Functions of a Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is the very component of your car that lets you control your steering system — that system that responds to your inputs as a driver (e.g. Swerving, turning right or left).

Generally circular, this wheel also holds other important control buttons like the one used to activate your car’s horn. Knowing how strategic this part of your car is, manufacturers have also decided to integrate more buttons in the steering wheel. Nowadays, this also features items such as sound system control, phone answering buttons, and cruise control.

Fixing a Slippery Steering Wheel

There’s no questioning how vital a steering wheel is. But as drivers spend most of their time holding and using this wheel, it has arguably become the dirtiest part of a vehicle. Though it may not be seen by the naked eye, it is holding a lot of germs and bacteria especially if you use dirty hands while driving. This is also the reason why more drivers are now using Mercedes driving gloves.

Over time, your hand’s sweat and your body’s natural oil can affect the grip of your steering wheel. Add this to the dirt we’ve mentioned above and to the oils introduced by oil-based cleaning products you use, it’s inevitable for it to become slippery. Follow these simple steps to fix this concern:

Create a solution with a cup of hot water and a squirt of liquid dish soap. This will help get rid of the oils that have made steering wheel slippery.

Put this solution inside a spray bottle and spray it onto the wheel.

Using a cleaning brush, gently scrub the surface and the curves of your wheel.

As dirt and oil loosen, use a damp cloth to wipe your wheel.

Inspect your wheel for any remaining oil and dirt and repeat the scrubbing and the wiping whenever necessary.

Remove any excess moisture by using a clean and dry cloth.

Maintaining a Steering Wheel

Keeping a steering wheel clean yet functional is a cycle. For it to maintain its soft and flexible vibe, you must replenish the oils in the leather. This way, you won’t lose your whole steering system’s effective response to your inputs. To do this, use a leather conditioner recommended by your dealer.

While other car owners use a cloth to apply the conditioner, your bare hands are still the most effective tool. Apply the condition onto your hand and gently massage your steering wheel. Let the wheel absorb the oils for about half an hour before using a clean towel to remove excess material.

You can also use Mercedes driving gloves if you don’t want to transfer sweat as you drive your car.

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