How to Plan for Your Trip to Israel

Sometimes the best stories from trips happen when things go wrong, not right. The small detours you take can lead you to a beautiful view. It can push you to try a dish you initially did not want to eat. It can take you on an adventure that might become the stories you share when you go back home. To create those chance encounters, be open to planning a trip yourself. From sorting your documents to navigating through the city, personalize your trip.

If it is your first time, here are things you need to get in order before you board the plane:

Sort your documents

The paperwork is your first hurdle. Make sure you have a valid passport, double check the expiration date to see if it can still be used during your projected departure time. After you ensure your passport is valid, check if you need to apply for a visa. It varies from country to country, so search on the embassy website for more details.

The ideal time to visit Israel is during their spring and autumn months, try to align your airplane ticket within those months. If your vacation time does not match up, look at the temperature and climate of the country during the time you are free to prepare yourself mentally.

Get a place to stay

There are many accommodation options from expensive hotels to budget-friendly hostels. Consider your location, budget, and duration of stay when selecting your place. A middle-ground choice could be short term rentals in Israel. You can find vacation rentals in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Vacation Rentals on An apartment gives you the freedom to stay long at a lower price when compared to a hotel. It offers you useful amenities, like a kitchen with appliances, and more privacy than compared to a hostel.

Make your itinerary

There are two ways you can go about planning your itinerary. You can divide it per activity. If you are not ready to brave the sights on your own, you can join day tours and spread them throughout your stay. You can also divide it per region; this option is better suited to those who want to go solo. Creating your itinerary per region means looking up addresses and transportation options. It can be overwhelming to plan a week’s worth of activities, so do not complete your plan in one sitting. A new day can put you in a better mindset and help you go through parts where you are stuck.

While it is essential to plan carefully, you can always revise your plans during your travels. Parts of the itinerary are suggestions and not demands, after all, there is more than one way to experience a city.

Pack the right clothes.

After you have finished the logistical aspects, all that is left is packing. Bring accessories like a hat and scarf for the desert heat and winds. You should also pack toiletries like your toothbrush and sunscreen. If you are prone to feeling unwell, pack emergency medication like antihistamine or paracetamol.

For your clothes, make sure the fabric breathes well, Israel can get very hot. If you are not used to the climate, it can affect your overall enjoyment. Remember to have modest options for visiting religious sites; this applies to all genders.

When everything is booked, and your suitcase is packed, you are all set to go.

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