How Virtual Offices and Flexible Working Hours Improve Productivity

The virtual office offers businesses cost-effective office space that provides them with a lot of flexibility. Unlike other office formats, businesses would exist primarily in virtual reality with this plan. Remote workers, start-ups, self-employed, and small businesses can benefit from leasing the virtual office.

The virtual office works by leasing the use of conference, meeting and boardrooms to professionals. These plans usually come with an all-inclusive menu of amenities, utilities and IT services. Check out Servcorp Virtual Office Indonesia at to see the range of options businesses have. The factors that make the virtual office so great is that it boosts productivity just by virtue of the fact that the hours are flexible.

Keep reading to find out the ways in which the virtual office can improve productivity simply through flexible working hours.


One great feature of the virtual office is that it provides businesses with the ability to move into different spaces in little to no time. Typically, to relocate to a new location it would take the average business almost nine months to orchestrate the entire move. Many virtual office plans belong to companies that provide businesses with other options. When deciding to scale up, businesses can take advantage of leasing options that would allow them to transition into other office arrangements such as co-working spaces, executive suites and the standard serviced office. In terms of productivity, this saves your company time because you could essentially continue to work in the office until your new space is available. 


Another great feature of the virtual office is it provides professionals with the opportunity to move around with ease. Because your office essentially moves with you, you can work from any location in the country or world at any time of the day as long as you have a device and an internet connection. This is great for a few reasons.

The first relates to just having to travel for business. When travelling for business, companies no longer have to worry about being out of communication with the office because your office is online. You can access your office from any computer giving you the luxury of choosing when to work and even maximising your productivity in some cases. Also, businesses that want to test out new markets can do so by simply setting up their virtual office in the desired location. This ability to move around with ease virtually eliminates the costs associated with travel and scoping out new markets.

Research Tools

The research tools available online for professionals today make doing business incredibly efficient for businesses. With a number of online measures, professionals can use tools like search engine optimisation tools, marketing metrics and tracking tools to figure out their target market and make predictions concerning their customers. Furthermore, this work can be completed at any time of the day.

Commute Time

Many who work in urban centres know the trials of driving in and out of the city. Often times, traffic is slow and consumes much of the time you would normally work. Typically, professionals eat up close to an hour commuting. By reducing the number of days you actually go into the office, you essentially reduce the amount of time you spend in traffic, so your work day can be devoted entirely to productivity.

Putting The “C” In Constructive 

The virtual office provides businesses with affordable office space in a time when technology makes attracting and retaining business difficult. More than providing affordability, the virtual office gives professionals the flexibility in setting their own schedules, so they can be more productive. Ultimately, the virtual office can be a flexible solution when it comes to making your business more productive.

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