M4V file format: what are the features?

M4V is a file format that is specialized in the videos, audios, images, movies. It is developed by Apple and therefore is restricted to the use of Apple devices only. Let us look at some of its features to know about it in detail.

Features of M4V file format

  • This file format is designed especially for Apple devices and one could see the videos that are there on the iTunes store. The acceptance of the M4V videos became more with the popularity of the Apple Now a day, quite a lot of people use these devices for their daily usage. So, as they are using the devices, they use this file format for watching videos, audios, images, movies and other related things.
  • It is very difficult for the person that does not have an Apple device to watch the videos of in the M4V file format. As we mentioned earlier, the videos are stored on the iTunes store and one could watch them from there. Now, after the videos are stored on the iTunes store then they are protected using a protection layer called DRM. So, if you are an Android user, then you can only watch the DRM removed videos.
  • When we are discussing the features of the M4V file format, we should talk about the software that is supported by this file format. So, the list is not long, but it is definitely increasing. The four main software that could be used for watching the M4V file format are iTunes, VLC media player, Quick Time player, and Video Converter Studio. Out of all these, iTunes is the default player for M4V files. You can go for M4V player Mac with equalizer
  • Along with all the properties that are mentioned above, an M4V file format is a good option for conversion of videos of different formats into it. Let us see, which file format could actually be converted into M4V and in what ways.
  1. MP4 into M4V- the reason for the conversion of MP4 videos into M4V format is very genuine and obvious. There are a lot of videos that are available in this particular format and we know that MP4 is a universal platform. Therefore, sometimes, even the apple users to want to see the MP4 videos. Now, when the file is transferred in the Apple device, it is not sure that they will work or not. So, those are transferred in MP4 format.
  2. AVI into M4V- the company Apple has made the announcement that one could use the AVI format for their Apple devices, but the format is still facing some of the issues in the launch. So, the AVI videos are converted to M4V videos.

So, these are all the features of the M4V file format. With all the discussion that we made above, it is clear that this is best for all the Apple users.

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