Quick Tips In Reducing Waste In Your Household

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There are a lot of ways to dispose of waste; it can be through the landfill, composting, incineration, etc. What if your waste might last longer on Earth than a human being’s average life span? Imagine the amount of plastic produced daily to suffice the needs of consumers.

A simple effort of reducing waste in your life is a big help for the environment. Doing it all at once can be overwhelming. A great place to start is within your comfort zone, your home. Discarding unused furniture, broken tiles, garden trash, etc. rubbish removal Marrickville such as Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal is here to help. For now, let’s start small, start with yourself then your home.

Here are a few quick tips in reducing your household waste:

  1. Familiarize Yourself With Recycling

Throw your trash according to what’s written on the bin, segregate your trash properly. If you can’t reduce the use of plastic materials, recycling is the best option.

  1. STOP Using Plastic

Plastic is the most common type of trash that is hard to dispose of plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic wrappers, etc. Almost every product we purchase comes with plastic packaging. Refrain from patronizing markets or products that rely on plastic.

  1. Buy Food With Less Packaging

Look for ways of buying food with minimal packaging, especially plastic packaging. Shop more on the bulk food section of the supermarket. You’ll find a greater volume of food in a single packaging like rice, cereals, spices, etc.

  1. Subscribe To Paperless Mail

Daily newsletters can pile up on your front door. It can be mail from account statements, online shops, online subscriptions, work related, etc. Regardless, switching to paperless mail can save you time and effort from picking up mail from the mailbox, opening and reading letters then having to discard of the envelope or the letter itself. Nowadays, daily mail can be accessed online. Switch to paperless mail to reduce waste in your home.

  1. Compost

Biodegradable waste decomposes faster than other types of waste, when mixed in a landfill it only causes a foul smell and causes the spread of diseases. Your biodegradable waste at home is still useful by turning it into compost as a garden fertilizer.

  1. Eco-friendly Hygiene Materials

Toothbrush, razor blade, toothpaste, dental floss are only some of the examples of nonbiodegradable hygiene waste. There are a variety of eco-friendly hygiene tools sold in the market, such as a bamboo toothbrush, organic toothpaste in an eco-friendly container.

  1. Takeout Container

Admit it, take out is a part of our weekly routine. At least one day in a week we buy take-out meals. One way to reduce take out waste is to bring your container or support restaurants that provide reusable containers.

  1. Use Eco Bags

When grocery shopping, supermarkets often put your grocery items in plastic bags, and that adds up to the pile of waste in your home. Some use paper bags, although it is more eco-friendly, it’s still for a one-time use container. Try using eco bags or grocery bags made of cloth when going grocery shopping. So you can reuse your bag over and over again.

  1. No To Disposables

Hosting house parties, going to field trips, swimming on the beach, picnic at parks, during these activities we always bring and use disposable utensils. Reduce your waste by bringing stainless utensils and house plates. You can wash them when you get home or wipe off food residue with a tissue or cloth.

  1. Repair Not Discard

When you have torn clothes, missing buttons, broken appliances, etc. Try bringing them to a tailor or electronic repair shop for a repair. Of course, you can also do it by yourself if you know how. Repairing broken things rather than throwing them away and buying new ones can also be a big step in reducing household waste.

Although there are some home or office appliances that are beyond repair, you can hire a rubbish removal Rockdale from Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal team to help you with the disposal of broken appliances.

  1. Go For Reusable Containers

In storing leftover food or fruits and vegetables, always use reusable containers.

Reducing Waste In Your Household

image courtesy: extracheaprubbishremoval.com.au

Final Word

Now, make a list of household materials that you can’t give up just yet. Make it a goal that by the end of each month you have at least removed two or more items in your list permanently from your life. By the end of the year, you’d be proud of how far you’ve come from reducing waste in your life.

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