The Tedious Ways Adapted to Culture the Gorgeous Aqua Pearls

There is no doubt that Akoya pearls are stated to be one of the best and unique pearls, as it is the profitable fruit of hard labour efforts of the pearl farmer and the employees involved in Akoya pearl manufacturing unit.

Few informative lines about the formation of elegant appealing Akoya pearls

It takes at least 10 to 18 months to form Akoya pearls as long time is required for multiple layers of nacre to be deposited in order to create the lustrous pearl. Moreover, it is hard for Akoya farmers as there are chances that the oysters producing the pearls may not be able to survive when the pearl making process is going on. To make the oysters withstand adverse conditions, nutrients, organic fertilizers and medication fluids are mixed in the pearl farm water bed.

Also, they need to maintain right temperature for the oysters to form the pearls. Only with careful monitoring of the temperature and a lot of efforts, the oysters thrive nicely otherwise the chances of survival is quite less. This is the prime reason for Akoya pearls to be quite expensive compares to other kind of pearls.

The nucleation process of Akoya pearls

It is the main and basic process in culturing pearls. The steps involved are to insert the irritant like a bead, hard shell or any mantle tissue in the soft tissue of the oyster. This process is done quite carefully as the oyster in that process is delicate and may be destroyed because of wrong process.

Moreover, once the oyster produces a pearl, it is discarded. Studies show that only fifty percent of the oysters are able to survive the nucleation process and only five percent of them will be able to produce high superior quality pearls. This is the basic reason why Akoya pearls detached from the surviving oysters are quite valuable.

Now, if you prefer to buy Akoya classic pearls, it is suggested to buy directly from its maker or from a trustworthy seller. You can compare the rates of the pearls by verifying all the online market links known to sell genuine pearls for quality shopping.

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