7 Important Things to Know Before Travelling to Croatia

Are you planning on travelling to the beautiful land of Croatia? The country of gorgeous coastal towns located around the Adriatic Sea and amazing historical sites. But before you go, here are 7 Important Things that you need to know.

1.      Do you need a Visa?

If you are someone planning on travelling to Croatian women, or the United States, Canada, New Zealand and other European Union countries, you don’t require a visa. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, you can stay in Croatia for up to 90 days in any 180 day period. If you are travelling to Croatia from somewhere else around the world you can fill out an online form and apply for Croatian visa here.

2.      What is the best time to visit Croatia?

The best time to visit Croatia is June and September. In these two months there are less tourists. Because of lesser tourists the accommodations, food and travelling is much cheaper than peak months. Also you can enjoy the less crowded beaches and other tourist attractions. The weather is warm and perfect for a swim in the Adriatic Sea as well.

3.      How to get to Croatia?

Travelling to Croatia is fairly easy when you are traveling from another European Union country. Many airlines offer direct flights to Croatia from April to September. Also you can travel via bus from some European towns to Croatia too. If you are travelling from other countries though, you should check local airlines for direct flights. Making bookings before peak season starts can save you some bucks.

4.      How to get around in Croatia?

If you really want to experience Croatia fully, the best way to explore it is via car. You can easily drive around the small country on well-made roads. You will get to experience the beautiful scenery and visit the small coastal towns on the road. You can travel around by bus too if you can’t drive for any reason. Though travel to the islands is still mainly done via Ferries.

5.      What is the accepted currency in Croatia?

The Croatian currency is the Kuna or kn. Although it is a part of the EU, the Kuna is the acceptable currency. The Euro is acceptable too at some places to pay for stuff like accommodation or food etc. But the change you receive will be in Kuna and the exchange rate won’t be very favorable. So it is recommended to use the official currency.

6.      Is Croatia safe to travel?

Croatia is a very safe country to travel to. It almost has zero street crime. However it is always prudent to take care of your belongings yourself especially using public transportation.

7.      What is the common language spoken in Croatia?

Although the official language is Croatian, most of the locals speak English a little if not well. The other common languages are Italian and German.

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