To get the best criminal lawyer you must choose the lawyer after finalizing a few facts    

The top Melbourne criminal lawyers who works in the criminal area, perhaps more than those who work in the other branches of law, is an idealist, who seeks justice and social peace. Its function is to assure to its client a judgment with the faithful observance of the constitutional principles and the law, preserving to the maximum the life, the freedom, the physical integrity and the dignity of the defendant. For this, the criminal lawyer must fight so that his client, guilty or innocent, has the right to ample defense and contradictory. There is no justice without defense made by lawyer!


Another question that arises is whether the criminal lawyer can only defend, or can also indict. It surprises many when the criminal lawyer, instead of defending, accuses the defendant. This is possible and legal, when acting as assistant prosecution.

Court proceedings

In public prosecutions, that is, in criminal proceedings initiated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the criminal lawyer may act as an assistant prosecutor, representing the interests of the victim, or, in the case of death or absence of the victim, his or her spouse, parents, children or siblings.The fact that the criminal lawyer is acting in the prosecution does not remove the professional obligation of the lawyer to always seek a fair trial for the accused, while observing the constitutional guarantees and without neglecting his love of defense and criminal law.

Finally, it should be borne in mind that just as the priest loves the sinner but abhors the sin, the criminal lawyer abhors the crime, but he loves the human being, even the one accused of committing a crime, for all deserve defense. In this way, the criminal lawyer will do his best to ensure that justice takes place.

Every beginning is difficult

The battle begins as soon as you form, for no one knows you and has no idea of ​​the depth of your knowledge.In criminal law, the beginning is of prime importance for the formation of a good professional. Thus, in this brief manual that I bring to the public, here are some tips, suggestions and contributions for future criminologists:

Analyze the environment

The initial steps of the young criminalist correspond from analysis of the majority decisions until the correct reading of the lines of judgment of the magistrates’focus of their action.This knowledge of the scenario also includes the functioning of the notary offices, the schedules of the servers and to know who employees who work in the districts are. The ideal is to establish personal contacts through emails, phones and WhatsApp.

Conclusion: Plan

Have an agenda. Organize your documents into folders. Make the financial balance month after month from the office. It sounds pretty dull, but understand that good professional has to be forewarned and with broad access to information.Believe: with planning, you will be one step ahead of everyone involved in a particular legal situation.

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