Two New League Of Legends Games Launched

Ruined King and CONV / RGENCE are the two upcoming games in the League of Legends universe. Both games were presented to the public for the first time at “The Games Awards.” However, the games were not developed by Riot Games itself. The Riot Forge developer studios receive rights to the League of Legends universe and help with storylines.

Ruined King

Ruined King is a turn-based RPG in which you can roam through bilge water and the Shadow Islands with League of Legends champions and explore part of the world of Runeterra. In the first trailer, you could hear Thresh talking, which indirectly confirms his existence in the later game. The events in the single-player game happen after Gangplank’s death within the history of LoL and lol boosting.

The game is developed by Airship Syndicate, who most recently developed Darksiders Genesis. The small developer studio worked for Ruined King in collaboration with Riot Forge on the implementation of the game. When the new game will be available and whether it will be a full-price title or a free-to-play title has not yet been announced.


The second new game is also a single-player game. In CONV / RGENCE, you play a platform game similar to Ekko’s. As a young inventor, you roam the world of fences. The power of time manipulation will also play a role in some way, but this comes with many ramifications that you will experience in the game.

Double Stallion is the name of the Canadian developer studio that CONV / RGENCE has set up. The team had previously developed several cartoon-like brawler games and, in collaboration with Riot Forge, will now stay true to their style, as has already been seen in the trailer.

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