Vape-Juice- Composition, nicotine strength and shelf life

E-Cig juice, Vape juice, e-liquid or e-juice is the liquid which turns into vapor in an e-cigarette. All kinds of e-cigs have a cartridge in them which contains e-liquid. E-liquids are easily available online as well as in the retail shops. The user can select an e-liquid on the basis of flavors, Nicotine strength, base preference, popularity, price or brand name.

Basic Ingredients of E-juice:

One of the major advantages which are enjoyed by e-cigarette user over traditional smoker is the variety in E-liquid Mate top rated e juice. The pool of e-juice is very rich. Different companies manufacture different types of e-juices. The basic composition of all e-liquids remains the same.

Basic Ingredients

Base liquids: Different e-liquids uses different ratio VG and PG.

Flavorings: E-liquids come in almost all possible flavors.

Other ingredients which are commonly used in e-juices are nicotine and other supplements. The concentration of nicotine in e-liquids generally lies between the range of 1{cd290485d77e2c7ad2af2f6a1934c4408e93da9a597aae11ec02414e146e2141}-5{cd290485d77e2c7ad2af2f6a1934c4408e93da9a597aae11ec02414e146e2141}. Users can select e-juice on the basis of their preference for nicotine strength. Nicotine strength advisable for freshers till advance level smokers is mentioned below:

Freshers: 3mg/ml

Medium smokers: 12mg/ml

Advance level smokers: 18mg/ml-24mg/ml

Some companies also manufacture e-juices which have very high strength of nicotine (around 3.6{cd290485d77e2c7ad2af2f6a1934c4408e93da9a597aae11ec02414e146e2141} and above) in them. The user can select nicotine strength as per his/her needs.

The Shelf life of E-juice:

E-juices generally have a shelf life of about two years. With the passage of time, the e-liquid may change its color. The color change is generally because of the presence of nicotine in them. It has nothing to do with the expiry of the e-juice. The shelf life of an e-liquid generally depends on the expiry of its very first ingredient.

Storing e-liquids

The best way to store e-juice is to keep it in a close, dry cupboard. It is important to make sure that the lid of e-liquid should be closed tightly. Moreover, e-juice bottles should be kept away from heat and sunlight.


The flavor, taste and the amount of vapor produced depend on the type of E-Juice. An e-cigarette without the e-liquids is same as a gun without the bullet. In order to have the best vaping experience, it is important to select an e-liquid as per one’s own needs and preference.

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