What is A Criminal Lawyer’s Role and Job Description?

Whether you’re an individual, organization or any entity, and has been charged with the commitment of a crime, the person you need or should be looking for is a criminal lawyer.

A criminal lawyer employed by the state is known as a public defender. If you don’t have any money to hire the best criminal lawyers Wollongong to represent you in court, don’t worry. The court will appoint you a public defender to fight your case and you don’t have to pay any fees. Criminal lawyers can also be private lawyers, that is, you can retain their services at a fee and they will represent you and your interests in the court. Usually they work for a private law firm or work independently.

Job Description of a Criminal Lawyer:

  • Right Counsel: A criminal lawyer’s first and foremost duty is to offer the right legal counsel to their clients that will be in their best interests and protect their constitutional rights
  • Information Gathering: He or she will take the responsibility of investigating the case thoroughly and interview witnesses to gather the needed information. A good criminal lawyer will collect as much as information as possible to build a strong defense.
  • Legal Research: A criminal lawyer will do an in-depth research of all the relevant case laws, statutes, criminal codes and procedural law to be at the top of the game.
  • Strategy Formation: He or she should be prepared to work hard to built a strong defense strategy keeping the interests of the client in mind. A lawyer should be able to analyze the case and situation well, identify loopholes in the prosecution’s case and work to get the charges dismissed or lowered
  • Case Argument: He or she will have to argue to the judge about the innocence of his or her client. A criminal lawyer will call witnesses, present evidence, and expert testimony to present the best defense for his client.
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