What to do if your Computer Falls Down?

The worst thing that can happen to anyone is to have your laptop fall while you are working on it. It can be a real nightmare that may also cost you a lot of precious things. The probabilities of damage to some of the mechanical components are very high. Almost obligatory. In this case, do NOT do anything with your laptop. Do not try to run it again if you have one file for which it is worth doing an attempt to rescue data. If your laptop has dropped at the same time as the power cord plugged into the socket, the connector may be deformed or broken. I’d recommend always a professional like enterprise cloud security services who can do this job for you in an efficient way.

What do you actually do when your laptop is out?

In seven short steps, we point out the steps to take when you drop the laptop:

  • Turn it off and remove the battery (if you can)
  • Think about whether your laptop has some information that you need. Data such as email messages, documents, bases, photos (family or not), video materials, etc.
  • If you have thought about and there are really key data, pack your computer and send it to a professional data rescue lab.
  • In the event that it does not matter what will happen with the data on the disc, check the visual condition of the device, possible cracks, and screen or power connector.
  • You have completed the review and nothing indicates any major problems on the case – return the battery and power.
  • Turn on the laptop (but be ready to turn it off quickly if any unusual sound is heard from the chassis or the screen is on)
  • If the computer correctly plugged in and loaded the operating system, it’s never a bad idea to go through hardware settings, test several files on the hard drive, and, after all, scan the disk with the appropriate software.

Assuming that you’ve checked all of the above tips and your laptop will not start yet, and then it’s a problem with a motherboard failure. It is mounted in a laptop and everything else is around it.

The motherboard inside the laptop can be broken due to the impact. During the fall, copper lines can be interrupted! In the event of motherboard failure, only professional services can succeed with these malfunctions.

Conclusion is imposed – always carry your laptop carefully, especially when handling it carefully. This will help you avoid costly repairs and possible loss of data. If the loss occurs, contact real professionals with a professional data recovery laboratory after the fall of the laptop.

If you are not really good at these things, it is not recommended to experiment with your computer if you want to at least protect your data. For that reason, contact IT professionals who will do their best to save your computer and bring it back the way it was.

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